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The Smart Home Seller’s Guide

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Neighborhood Visits

Visit neighborhood open houses so you will have a gauge of the interior condition and upgrades of the homes for sale in your local area.  Keep track of when these homes sell so once it closes escrow you can easily find the price by entering the address and “Google it”.  You can make a comparison to your own home.  Start this process as early as you can.

Getting Your Home Ready

  You can get carpet and good quality wood laminate flooring for a great deal if you know where to go.  Painting inside and out if needed can also be done for a great price.  Get a termite inspection before you list your home for sale and then have a contractor complete the work before your listing goes live on the market.  This can save you another $1000 easily.  Termite companies can rack up a large bill if you don’t get a good one.  I’ve seen inspections and work estimates at over $10,000.   I then had another company come out and charge $2900 to complete same work.  Watch out there.

Know Your Agent

Most agents will charge a 5% commission for the listing.  Find out what they are doing to (1) make your home shine for the photo and video shoot and (2) where they are adverting your home in addition to the online websites it automatically feeds into once entered in the MLS.  Specifically ask what their budget and marketing plan for your home are.  Your home looking like a shined up dime showcased all over the internet with professional photography and videography can mean the difference of 1000’s of dollars. Make sure to ask for a copy of their Errors & Emissions Insurance.  A $5 million policy is pretty healthy.

How to Handle  Multiple Offers

Of course you have more leverage especially in a seller’s market.  Perfectly pricing or slightly under-pricing is the best approach by far.  Also, using major home buyer searching price points to your advantage is also a key component.   Once the marketing has taken effect and your home is receiving offers don’t let your real estate agent sell you short.  It should take at least 5-7 days on market to allow the price to reach a maximum.  That’s were your savvy Realtor comes into action with their experience in creating abiding war and driving the price to the highest point.

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